First Presbyterian Maple

10025 105 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Tree Description

An old struggling Manitoba maple tree on the South side of the First Presbyterian Church. 

Featured in the 2008 publication of Heritage Trees of Alberta, by the Canadian Heritage Trees Foundation.

Tree Information

Here are the most recent stats recorded about this specimen:

Last Updated: August 30, 2021


Family: Sapindaceae
Genus:  Acer
Species: Negundo
Given Name:  Manitoba Maple


City/Town: Edmonton, AB
Address: 10025 105th Street NW
Latitude: 53.539542
Longitude: -113.500516


Planted: Unknown
  6 m
Girth:  280 cm
Diameter:  89 cm
Crown Spread:  8.0 m x 3.6m 
Number of Trunks:  1


Locally Protected:  No 
Tree Sponsor:  Alberta Tree Register 
Heritage Score:  3/10 
Public Accessibility:  Parking Lot
Administration Notes:  Tree is struggling and in decline.